, News reports and pictures on London crown courts, General Medical Council and other courts en-us Thu, 26 Mar 2015 23:41:24 GMT FOORD:DIAMOND GANG MEMBER WAS BLINDED BY LOVE ELSTREE, HERTS; EDMONTON, NORTH LONDON; BUCKHURST HILL, ESSEX A woman insisted today (thurs) she was blinded by love when she conned investors in a £1.5m diamond fraud. Anna Foord, 30, blamed jailed fraudster Omar Eshpari, 34, for tricking her into flogging vastly over-valued diamonds to unwitting investors. She said she 'felt sorry' for the defrauded customers but was 'far too deeply in love' with her 'soul mate' to realise she was part of the massive scam. Victims were told gems sold by sold by Evolution Commodities Limited and Stonehouse Global Markets Limited were 'better than gold' but they were valued at more than 2000 per cent of their worth. Sat, 26 Mar 7560 14:27:37 GMT ADEMILUYI: JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE WEDDING PICS IT DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE MARRIED WELWYN GARDEN CITY A Nigerian woman told a court wedding photos of her and a man accused of bigamy over a 'sham wedding' do not prove they were married. Yemi Ademiluyi, 39, used fake documents to become an NHS nurse while her 42-year-old husband, Solomon Ademiluyi, married a French woman to avoid deportation, it is claimed. Officers found snaps of the happy couple along with a Valentine's Day card to 'my darling husband' when they visited the house they shared in Welwyn Garden City. But the couple, who live with their five children, insist they have never been married. Asked about photographs which appear to show the pair exchanging wedding rings and signing a register at a ceremony in Nigeria, she said: 'It's a proxy marriage. 'In Nigeria it is not unusual. In Nigeria if you can't come home to celebrate your wedding you can have the pictures on the chair to represent you - it's normal. Thu, 26 Mar 2015 08:43:00 GMT MAJEED: GUN CHARGES CONFESSION PADDINGTON, KENSINGTON, NOTTING HILL A terror suspect accused of a plot to murder British citizens today (Thurs) admitted possessing a semi-automatic pistol and ammunition. Suhaib Majeed, 20, pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing a firearm and another charge of possessing ammunition at a hearing at the Old Bailey. He is due to stand trial alongside Tarik Hassane, 21, Nyall Hamlett, 24, Momen Motasim, 21, and Nathan Cuffy, 25, for preparation of a terrorist act. The group are alleged to have planned to attack people within the UK by researching, planning and sourcing weapons and ammunition. Thu, 26 Mar 7040 14:27:38 GMT BUSH:NURSE BANNED FOR BENEFIT CON GUERNSEY A nurse who claimed her ex-partner paid nothing in child support so she could wrongly receive almost £2,000 in benefits has been banned for three months. Sarah Bush told Guernsey social security her ex-partner contributed nothing by way of child payment, where in fact he made monthly transfers of £250. Bush claimed she had only £87 to her name when she had a second undeclared bank account. She was overpaid by £1,988.46 in single parent benefits because of her dishonesty, the Nursing and Midwifery Council was told. Fri, 26 Mar 1040 14:27:38 GMT CABRERA:SNOOZING NURSE LET OFF WITH A CAUTION CAERPHILLY, SOUTH WALES A nurse caught napping during a spot check by his manager has been let off with a caution. Larry Cabrera was in charge of a high dependency unit at Ty Penrhos Care Home, Caerphilly, Wales, when he was awoken by a health care assistant. Cabrera worked night shifts on the Adult and Physically Dependent Unit from October 2011 to August 2013, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard. With his legs on another chair Cabrera was tucked under a blanket and dozing away, before a health care assistant prodded him awake, in the early hours of 24 July 2013. Wed, 26 Mar 0920 14:27:38 GMT HASSAN:COMATOSE TEENAGER WAS FILMED BEING RAPED WALWORTH, SOUTH LONDON; BIRMINGHAM A teenager was filmed being raped by one man and sexually assaulted by another when she passed out after drinking and smoking pot. The 19-year-old victim had no idea what had happened to her until her friend saw the footage of her on Yahye Mohammed Mohamud's phone. Mohammed Hassan, 22, had been drinking and smoking cannabis when he abused the 19-year-old as she lay comatose on a bed on 5 May 2011. His friend Mohammed Nur Isse, 22, raped her while Mohamud, 25, recorded it on his mobile. Wed, 26 Mar 4160 14:27:38 GMT