, News reports and pictures on London crown courts, General Medical Council and other courts en-us Wed, 30 Jul 2014 14:08:43 GMT POP: CALL GIRL SOLD HER BODIES UNDER A JU-JU SPELL FELTHAM A Nigerian woman was forced to work as prostitute after a witchdoctor cast a black magic spell on her, a court heard. Darda-Florina Pop, 26, allegedly made the teenager sell her body after she had travelled to the UK with the promise of a better life. The 18-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was trafficked to this country by a man who had forced her to take part in a native ju-ju ritual in her homeland. She was made to swear a black magic oath that she would comply with the instructions of the man, who is known only as Jon, or she would be forever cursed. As soon as she arrived in the UK the woman was driven straight to a road near Paddington Station in west London and told by Pop she would be selling her body, jurors heard. Wed, 30 Jul 2014 10:11:00 GMT HAZLE: TEACHER'S EXPLANATION FOR BEING IN THE WOMEN'S TOILETS DAGENHAM/HARLOW A dyslexic geography teacher accused of trying to photograph a colleague on the toilet told a court he was in the women's lavatory because he was having a panic attack. Stephen Hazle, 43, claimed his anxiety was triggered by his dyslexia and he was on strong anti-depressants to try and keep it under control. He said the drugs had serious side effects and he would often have to rush to the toilet to avoid soiling himself. On 18 June last year, he said he was gripped by anxiety while preparing for a lesson, and used the ladies’ staff toilets because the men’s and the disabled toilet were in use. He said: ‘I had my phone in my hand because I was trying to call [my wife], and I put it on the floor while I was leaning over the bowl.’ Hazle added that when he went into the ladies’, he didn’t even know there was anyone in there. ‘There was no way in my mind I was attempting to take any pictures,’ he insisted. Wed, 30 Jul 2014 10:02:00 GMT PREST: ONE OF BRITAIN'S MOST SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN FACES JAIL FOR FAILING TO PAY MAINTENANCE TO HIS EX CENTRAL LONDON One of Britain’s most successful businessmen is facing the prospect of jail today (TUE) after failing to pay his ex-wife a massive maintenance sum. Michael Prest, who is in his 50s, claims to be penniless yet was said to be worth £40m just three years ago, the High Court heard. The former oil trader, who is currently on holiday with his four children in New York, must pay his ex-wife £360,200 within three months or spend a month behind bars. In 2011, Mr Justice Moylan awarded a £17.5m lump sum to ex-wife Yasmin and a yearly allowance of nearly £300,000. Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:48:00 GMT ASIM: TRIAL FOR STREET STABBING ACCUSED EDMONTON A woman accused of stabbing a 20 year old woman to death in the street in north London will stand trial in December. Ayse Asim, 47, allegedly knifed Floarea Nicolae in Edmonton in the early hours of 1 June. Mrs Nicolae was found at the junction of Grove Street and Fore Street with a stab wound to the stomach. She was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital. Asim pleaded not guilty to the charge against her at the Old Bailey today. Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:04:00 GMT KANU: 'HOME VISIT GROPE' DOC FACES WAIT DARLINGTON, MELROSE A family doctor faces an anxious wait over his future career after health watchdogs ran out of time to reach a decision on whether he touched a patient sexually during a home visit. Dr Emmanuel Kanu, 35, is accused of groping a woman’s breast and trying to kiss her at the house in Darlington, County Durham following her release from hospital after an overdose. Nigerian Dr Kanu blames the unofficial house call on ‘cultural differences’, but denies acting inappropriately towards the mother-of-two, referred to as Patient A. The married father-of-one, of Melrose, in the Scottish Borders, was acquitted of indecently touching the woman following a trial at Durham Crown Court in November 2012. Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:02:00 GMT THILANGA IDDAMALGODA: DOCTOR SAFE TO WORK AFTER FILMING UP WOMEN'S SKIRTS HAMMERSMITH A doctor who was caught filming up women’s skirts by a police officer who found footage of her own legs on his iPhone is safe to work unrestricted, a tribunal has ruled. Dr Thilanga Iddamalgoda was collared by PC Tiffany Anderson after he was seen acting suspiciously in Trafalgar Square, in London’s West End on a hot summer’s day in 2012. The senior researcher was pretending to take pictures of Nelson’s Column, but the officer became convinced he was using the video function on his mobile phone to spy on unsuspecting women. The 33-year-old was marched back to Charing Cross Police station by the plainclothes policewoman after he told her: ‘Sorry, this is my first time’. PC Anderson was ‘disgusted’ to find four videos focused up the skirts and shorts of unwitting women, including one clip of her own legs, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service heard. Wed, 30 Jul 2014 11:03:00 GMT