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September 18, 2007

scales_of_justice_copy811.jpgDADSON:GUNMAN WHO SHOT FRIEND WROTE RAP SONG ABOUT THE KILLING SOUTHALL, HARLESDEN, NW LONDON. A gunman who shot his former friend dead and then fled the country wrote a rap song about the killing, a court heard. Francis Dadson, 22, penned the lyric: 'F*** with me or my money and I leave something in your chest.'
  September 17, 2007

cnl_c_t_collins.jpgTOUSSANT-COLLINS:TEEN WHO GUNNED DOWN DAD IN FRONT OF HIS KIDS GETS LIFE WEMBLEY, WEST HENDON, NW LONDON. A teenage gangster who helped gun down a father while he was taking his two young children to school was today (Mon) jailed for at least 25 years. Jason Greene, 30, slumped dying on top of his eight-year-old son as his four-year-old boy watched in horror outside his home.
September 11, 2007

ALLEN: EX-LOVER OF STRANGLED SECRETARY BLAMED FOR MURDER GRAYS, CHADWELL HEATH, ESSEX A close friend and former lover of a secretary found strangled inside her locked home has denied killing her. Ian Rudstone, 59, had become a close confidant of June Thrussell after their sexual relationship ended, the Old Bailey heard.
  September 11, 2007

cnl_j_thrussell_copy6.jpgALLEN:HOTEL CONCIERGE INSISTS HE DID NOT STRANGLE SECRETARY ILFORD, CHADWELL HEATH, GRAYS, ESSEX. A hotel concierge said to have 'effectively raped' a secretary has insisted he did not strangle her. Gary Allen, 49, is on trial for the murder of June Thrussell but his lawyers claim her former boyfriend Francois Mensi, 44, could be the real killer.
September 10, 2007

cnl_j_thrussell_copy4.jpgALLEN:MURDERED SECRETARY HAD BEEN LOCKED IN HER HOME FROM THE INSIDE DAGENHAM, GRAYS, ILFORD, ESSEX. A murdered secretary found slumped on her sofa was locked in her house from the inside, the Old Bailey heard. June Thrussell, 56, had clearly been bound by the wrists and strangled, but her Essex home showed no evidence of a break in.
  September 06, 2007

cnl_j_thrussell_copy3.jpgALLEN:SECRETARY TOLD COLLEAGUES SHE 'LIKED' CONVICTED KILLER GRAYS, CHADWELL HEATH, GOODMAYES, ESSEX. A secretary told colleagues she 'liked' and 'trusted' a convicted killer just weeks before he allegedly strangled her in her home, the Old Bailey heard. June Thrussell, 56, was bound by the wrists and throttled to death on the sofa of her Essex house in June 2005.
September 06, 2007

BOWMAN: SCHOOLBOY ROW LED TO FATAL STABBING OF FATHER TADWORTH, SURREY; BATTERSEA, SOUTH LONDON A fight between two schoolboys in a park led to a man being held down and repeatedly stabbed in his own home, a court heard. A 15-year-old boy helped his father and two others smash through the door of John Nuthall's southwest London house, then chanted: 'Stab him Dad, stab him'.
  August 29, 2007

gmc_sign_copy125.jpgWAKEFIELD:MOTHER OF MMR RESEARCH BOY SUPPORTS CONTROVERSIAL DOC RICHMOND, TOOTING, SW LONDON; BRIGHTON, SUSSEX; WOODFORD, ESSEX. The mother of a boy used in the controversial MMR study told an inquiry she supported the research carried out by Dr Andrew Wakefield. Dr Wakefield is said to have wrecked the MMR immunisation programme after he claimed the jab could be linked to autism in children.
August 22, 2007

cnl_dr_a_wakefield_copy1.jpgWAKEFIELD: UK IMMUNISATION BOSS' WORK RUINED BY MMR SCARE RICHMOND, SURREY; WOODFORD, ESSEX; TOOTING, SOUTHWEST LONDON The head of the government's child immunisation programme told today (Weds) how he worked for successfully for 15 years to eliminate measles and rubella before the MMR jab was linked to autism. Public confidence in the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine slumped after 1998 when Dr Andrew Wakefield published research suggesting there was a link between the MMR jab and increased risk of autism in children.
  August 21, 2007

cnl_s_jeeves.jpgCAMPBELL: TEEN FACES LIFE FOR STABBING FATHER-OF-SIX TO DEATH HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, ST ALBANS, HERTS; BRISTOL; YIEWSLEY, MIDDX A 16-year-old boy is facing a life sentence today (Tues) for murdering a father-of-six. Steven Jeeves, 39, was battered with a crutch and knifed in the heart after getting caught up in an escalating feud.
August 03, 2007

cnl_j_oflynn.jpgO'FLYNN:HITMEN SET TO DIE BEHIND BARS FOR MURDER OF BRINKS MAT VILLAIN SOUTHWARK, SE LONDON; CHESHUNT, HERTS; ORPINGTON, KENT; GLASGOW. Two ageing hitmen look certain to die behind bars after they were given 20 years each today (fri) for the gangland murder of a career criminal linked to the Brinks Mat robbery. George Francis, 63, became the latest victim of the 'Curse of Brinks Mat' when he was gunned down by John O'Flynn, 53, and Terence Conaghan, 54.
  August 02, 2007

cnl_j_greene_copy2.jpgTOUSSANT-COLLINS:TEENAGE GANGSTER GUILTY OF SCHOOL RUN MURDER WEMBLEY, HENDON, NW LONDON. A teenage gangster who gunned down a father while he was taking his two young children to school is facing life behind bars today (Thurs). Jason Greene, 30, slumped dying on top of his eight-year-old son as his four-year-old boy watched in horror outside his home.

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